Zoë Ware

The Seen And Not Seen


The found refers to human-made items left within the landscape, being reclaimed by nature. These images are similar to crime scene photos; there is something secretive and personal about them. The constructed refers to those discarded objects found within the landscape, of which are then altered or positioned to create a new landscape and image. Ware often revisits the same place, documenting the different effects of nature on human-made objects. Almost like therapy, Ware carefully revisits the same objects, documenting when they first appear and later disappear. Over time nature takes charge to reclaim the discarded objects: covering them in moss, brambles weaving in and out of the object, and single seedlings emerging from its new home. With each visit there are new and obscure objects that have been left, and so Ware poses those objects within the landscape constructing its new home. Those objects are carefully positioned between trees, on the grass, and in the concrete, creating a carefully constructed image.


Zoë Ware is a London based artist that uses photography to help with brand development, creating content for both advertising and marketing. She has worked with numerous brands to create images for social media campaigns and influencers on several social media platforms. She also sells her art prints online, incorporating illustration and graphic design within her work. Her most recent project however takes on a new direction within her photography career, exploring the lasting effects humans have on the environment. She has been documenting the crossover between human-made objects and nature, currently exhibiting this project in a gallery space.