Rachel Beasley

Lost Identity


Represented in these images is an overlap of reality and a world far from it. We are able to depict which images look like close to the reality we live in and which images are heavily edited to the point where they look like something out of a book. This body of work has been influenced by the film ‘The Birds’, a 1963 production where a new normality is created by the blackbirds taking over the world and attacking characters in the film. It is almost as if the roles were reversed, the birds become the dominant species rather than humans, hunting them instead of being hunted themselves.

This project is about making a new identity for birds, where they are perceived as not real, but part of the human imagination, they can be dangerous or friendly or somewhere in the middle.



Rachel Beasley is a UCF BA Photography student based in Ascot. She explores landscape, portraiture, and nature themed works. She uses a wide range of editing tools and sculptures within her work. Post-production is the main interest area in which the artist desires to continue to build upon.

In 2018 her anxiety themed work was published and displayed in the Menier Gallery London.

More recently she has been assisting studio shoots for photographer Rob Percy.

Rachel continues to create work for potential new clients and is currently concentrating on FMP work for her final year online exhibition.