Pamela-Ann Thorpe

Sticks and Stones


Sticks and stones.

May break my bones.

But names and faces

Will not hurt me.

Words hurt they stay with us throughout our lives, name calling as a child right threw to adult hood.

The power of one word can scar deeper then ever a punch or a slap.

Making a simple mindless comment can affect someone’s mental health and wellbeing.

It can affect everything in day-to-day life, it can sit in the back of their minds festering, changing the way they think and work and the ability to trust, causing self-destruction.

With society changing and everything being online it has become a place for public stoning.

Please choice your words carefully.

Think before you speak, and if you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all.

Treat people the way you wished to be treated.

This is what the rhyme should read.

Sticks and stones.

may break your bones,

but words will stay with you forever.



This is not a Photograph


“Ways of seeing” – John Burgers.

The project was to look at how we read and perceive things, it was found that we are taught how to think how we should feel and how we should see.

Exploring this idea, of how we should see it was clear that everything is taught.

This is going to be very hard to image. You do not know what colour is, It is hard isn’t we tend to associate a colour with an object or a palace or even a feeling.

Now image you wake up in complete darkness not knowing what colour the sky is, what is grass and what colour is it.

All you know is Darkness your sense of sight is touch and what people tell you but remember if you have never seen anything ever… It is what is told to you by someone else, there vision and what they have been taught.

Add a little confusion and some brown noise, now try and read the image.

Without sight there is only touch without knowledge there is only darkness.



Pamela is in the last weeks of her final year in BA Hons Photography

Whilst on the course she has learnt a photograph, is not just a photograph.

Pamela enjoys learning the old ways of photography and incorporating them into the modern techniques of Art Photography.

She also enjoys experimental processes with the intrigue of not knowing what might develop, then being able to adapt them to stylistic approaches.

In her project “Sticks and Stones” Pamela shows the inner workings on how words are more damaging and the effect they can have on people’s lives. Depicting how they stay with person labelling them, forcing them into a box.

The central subject of the pieces are scaled down, juxtaposing the vast voids of white surrounding them. Drawing the viewer in, encapsulating the feeling of how these phrases make you feel. Small. Irrelevant, Alone.

Using mixed media to create the words on the work, Pamela shows these insults from our youth can still be found in our everyday media feeding into the messages.