Marie Angele Mouliere



A photographic series taken to reflect the depression which most have been effect by the covid-19 pandemic. It is a dark series which is only presented in black and white. It is a series which shows different emotions and is used as a refection which most would not talk about. Covid-19 affect people all round the world in different ways. Some felt no pain. Some felt lost and all alone, many lost more.

In a pandemic it is a challenge photographing what, where and who you want as your so limited, but despise that you also need to make sure you keep yourself motivated to reach your goals. Unfortunately, its hard to get yourself out of a dark mind when everything around you are so negative. The news and social media become a negative influence, days get longer while you lay in bed watching the clouds pass by and your socialising days become a distance memory.   



A designer at heart, in the years of education at Farnborough College of Technology the studies has always been in the media department, a range of Art, Fashion and Photography.

Art, simply because she wanted to draw better than her brother.

Fashion, because wedding dresses have always been a magical dream.

Photography, because she fell in love with her baby boy.

The inspirations which has guided her. While she photographs family portraiture on a weekly basis, her creative side appears on her own work, with recycling materials made into garments and designing her own props for her shoots. Her designs skills are used in photoshop for a wide range of clients, commercial and advertising shoots.