Eniko Odor



Report document of case 77-1947-21

Having received a report of unusual activity in the nearby woods, the local police investigated and found an area of disturbed ground, 19th February, 2021. A jogger called the police having discovered a freshly dug earth where the officers found a buried person. I visited the site with agent S. Smith and the forensic team. After removing the corpse we found a purse and a driving license on the victim. There were no signs of foul play, no apparent injuries on the body, she was still fully dressed.

Near the burial site we found a small shovel which could have been used to dig the hole in which to inter the body. Around the opened grave there were found hand marks going towards the victim. Nearby there was a painting hanging from a tree, which might relate to the cause of death. After leaving the site, the autopsy said the cause of death was a heart attack, although we found dirt under the nails, inside the nose and in the lungs.

On the following day with agent Smith, we went to visit the victim’s apartment, where we met her boyfriend who seemed devastated by her death. He had  tried to contact the victim but she had left her mobile at home so he couldn’t get hold of her. After asking the boyfriend about the painting he seemed terrified of the question and gave us a newspaper article regarding a fair of ‘Support Young Local Artists’. According to him, the victim bought the painting in that fair without him and started to act ‘strangely’ since then.

After trying to match the article with the painting we realised that the painting had been modified. Our specialist realised that the same person could have painted the original version from the article compared to the one found on the site. After questioning the boyfriend, he said that he cannot remember that ‘weird looking character’ in the right hand corner. After contacting the organisers of the fair they could not identify the girl from the article nor the painting itself.

Eventually the cause of death could not be clearly identified.


Detective Donald Linberg



Eniko Odor is a London based, Hungarian artist who takes inspiration from William Blake and E.A. Poe. This dark romantic poetry aids in the creation of her surreal photographs. Her imagery takes small details of dark that fade to a Victorian dream. With this powerful image making she takes the audience on a journey revealing stories added to with the application of photographic manipulation.

Eniko’s notable awards include;1st place in the Professional Photographer category of Nikon Hungary’s 24/7 photo contest of 2014. In 2015 she was invited back to jury the following year’s competition amateur category. Eniko worked for 4 years as the Hungarian Tattoo Magazin’s photographer where she gained experience in magazine cover and commercial photography alongside international photojournalism.



2014 – “NIKON 24/7” Group Exhibition – Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre (Budapest, Hungary)

2013 – “NIKON 24/7” Group Exhibition – Toldi Mozi Arthouse Cinema (Budapest, Hungary)

2013 “Mas-Vilag (Other-World)” Solo Exhibition Halasz Rezso Gallery (Pecs, Hungary)

2013 – “Veni et Vidi” Solo Exhibition – Durer Garden (Budapest, Hungary)