Deborah Kinge

The Known Unknown


These photographs have a spiritual element to them, almost unknown to the images themselves. The images presented here have been influenced by a medium who has read images or through a story of their own experiences through spirituality.

Spirituality and photography go back to the nineteenth century. A huge influencer within this process was William Mulmer, even though he was later shown to have produced his ‘spirit’ photography by applying double exposures in the darkroom. Even after this was proven to people, many still choose to believe his work as the true.

During the histories of photography post-production techniques have helped shape and influence how we look at images and make us question a truthful or indeed a fake image before us. However, the images presented here have had very little, or no postproduction work. Here the aim was to create photographs that the viewer can question and create their own conclusions as to what the photographer may have been aiming to portray.



Deborah Kinge is a final year photography degree student at Surrey University Centre Farnborough. Based just outside London she enjoys photographing her surrounding area using a documentary approach to image making. She has experimented with different methods of digital and tradition photography for her major project. Her final series of work involves using a self-made pin hole camera to capture the seemingly unexpected. Digital image capture is used in her final body of work to portray spiritualism and the uncertainty of believing in the world of spiritualism.


Instagram: @dreamingofphotos79