Amy Elliott

The Emotional Significance of Flowers


Displayed in these images are a series of human touch with nature, flowers in particular. The model seen in the photographs is captured holding flowers most significant to themself. The surreal effect of the milk and dairy represents the innocence, protectiveness and emotional nourishment of the flowers held within. This particular body of work is inspired by the artist’s grievance of her mother, who passed during the COVID-19 pandemic, as her mother loved flowers and now holds significance to her through flowers. The other hands photographed are the artist’s brother and father, as she tries to bond this closeness with the nature likewise of a tree’s root with her own family since such a significant loss and close bond she had with her mother. The spiritual meaning of the milk is growth and good health and that is the purpose of using it in the photography as it is a reflection on the future for this family.



Amy Elliott is a UCF (BA) Photography student based in Bagshot. She has experience working for small businesses assisting with product and commercial photography during the COVID-19 lockdowns. She explores portraiture, natural landscapes and product themed projects. She is known to use a series of post-production applications and aesthetics within her works. Product photography is the most desirable field of study that the photographer wishes to grow into. In 2020, she was known for her photoshoots with brands such as; Honey Buns Bakery, Indigo Cosmetics, Zenthuaism, Rose & Dragon Teas, Arla’s Aromas and Thomson & Scott Wines, which were used on their websites and social media platforms.
Amy hopes to continue to discover more clients with a desire for fresh talent in product photography and is currently finalising works for her FMP in her final year online exhibition.