Agnese Stare

Dreams. Leftovers from Reality.


Jonah Lehrer in his book Imagine. How Creativity Works., explains what dreaming is: “Once we start to dream, we stop worrying about truth or logic or common sense. Instead of deleting our currant thoughts, we embrace the sheer freedom of our associations. And so we amuse ourselves with a set list of made-up stories and melodies, finding new communications amid the confusion.”

Every photograph in this piece of work is a still image of a little story which photographer remembers seeing in her dreams. Most of her dreams are abstract, surreal and doesn’t make any sense but there are some which are like a little movie- real and colourful.

To give that abstract and surreal feeling to the images, photographer ads movement to them by using short video loops and projecting directly on the photographs.



Agnese Stare is London based Latvian photographer whose focus is on still life, portraiture, and landscape. One of her portraits been published in Photobook Rankins 2020. Stare sells her photo prints online which are high resolution and printed on best quality photopapers.

Her most resent projects are conceptional piece of work which explores conscious and unconscious mind also how photography can be used as a therapy through self-portraiture and exploring world of dreams. This piece of work will be exhibited from the 21st May.