Our programme involves an extended practice of photography. Attention is given to the medium’s latent physical materiality and its wider dissemination. Photography finds itself entwined with other forms of the visual, blurring the lines of both analogue and digital. The once inherent physicality as a smooth flat surface is usurped by technological change and our own reception and experience of images themselves. The blurring of stringent representational boundaries opens onto shifts in image development that reach toward multifaceted methods of both image capture and display. Resolutions vary from low to high or the in between, displays emit light, large-scale images are printed onto increasing choice of paper types, materials, surfaces or forms. Moving image gives a nod to the frenetic or poetic. The task for the student is to unwrap these conjunctures bringing focus to their own visual language. The works on display delve into themes such as post human landscape, visceral meanderings through the psyche, the body as seat of identity or semiotic breakdown of binary gender positions. Presented within these of works is the materiality of the print, flexible space as fiction, public and private, inert and extrovert, insider and outsider.